C1 – Art Experience – Art and (My) Life

Owl (2016)

A life lesson that I learned from this semester in Art 110, is that people like to talk about what they create. Creating things with your own hands, putting meaning into a piece and seeing your effort come to fruition is something that you want to share with other people, and when someone asks you about it, when someone takes interest in your work, it’s a good feeling that is hard to express.

When talking to the SOA Artists, they all had a lot to say about their works, and always seemed to enjoy talking about the art that they created. I had a similar experience when I was creating art with my friends and with other classmates during the semester. Art is a good topic for conversation, and everyone seemed to enjoy sharing the creations that they made. Creating art this semester was a great experience and it gave me something to do with my hands that I otherwise would have not done. I was able to communicate with more of my peers and make some new friends due to the connections that art had created for me.

All of this helped shape my understanding of art to be refined. Art is an expression of one’s own thoughts or emotions. For instance, abstract work can be thought driven or it can be an explosion of emotions, used to fuel a piece with unique meaning. Art doesn’t necessarily have to be some grandiose piece of work that is beautiful and realistic, it can be almost anything that someone makes with meaning behind it. Every piece has structures that define it. Shapes, colors, lines, rough, smooth, different combinations of different aspects of art make every piece unique and interesting.

These aspects of creativity, aesthetics and expression are not likely to help me too much in the field of work that I’ve chosen, physical therapy, but I can still take what I learned from this class to help me better interact with my patients. A modification of design thinking could be used to create a plan for a patients recovery, but honestly, physical therapist already create plans and goals for patients by other means. A creative and different approach may be useful when treating children, because making exercise into a game could make it more likely that the children will continue their therapy at home and recover at a steady rate.

I think that the important lesson that I learned from class will help me more when it comes to make patients more comfortable while in therapy. Ask questions, show interest in what they do, be pleasant and care. Part of what is important about recovery to me, is to ease suffering and make the experience as pleasant as possible. If the time spent at the physical therapy clinic can make you feel more welcomed and enjoy yourself, then it could make recovering from an ill experience easier.

Overall, this semester of Art 110 allowed me to relax and take my time to simply enjoy something, rather than constantly experience the rush of college life. I was able to enjoy speaking with interesting people, learning about new things that I never really thought about before, and learning a life lesson that I believe will be useful to me in the long run. This class was enjoyable to me for the most part, and the art projects were a good way to connection with fellow students and my make new friends. Art will never be my career, but I am definitely going to keep it around as a hobby. It’s too much fun to simply not do.

B8 – Art Experience – Environmental portrait


In this picture I was trying to take a picture that captured my working environment. I spend the vast majority of my days studying and taking notes so I wanted to express that in this picture. For the field that I’ve chosen, physical therapy, it’s important to have dedication and diligence. I took the picture with several of my notebooks, books, and my writing utensil on my desk to show what I usually do and how I usually work.

I think I was successful at capturing my work environment in this picture. The picture doesn’t look too hectic and I think it’s fairly easy to see what I was trying to show in the picture. I wanted to express that I am a student who is studying and I think the picture shows this well.

If I was to change things, next time I take an environmental picture I would do it during a time when I am volunteering at a physical therapy department. I am currently not in the any volunteering opportunities so I don’t feel comfortable going into a random clinic to just take a picture, but I think it would look nicer on my website if I were to take a picture inside of a physical therapy clinic as an aspiring physical therapist.

B7 – Art Experience – Drinking and Drawing

Sitting on your foot
Pencil on paper

Doing these 6 sketches was pretty fun for me. I was able to sit with my friends and just draw and enjoy my time with them. Most of us drew each other and I drew one of them. It was enjoyable to compare our drawings and have a laugh while we worked on the sketches. I’ve personally always enjoyed drawings, though sometimes it’s pretty frustrating because I am not very good at it.

Blind contour
Pencil on paper

I will definitely be drawing again somewhere down the line in my life. I unfortunately take long breaks between my pursuit of art due to frustrations and other things (studying) taking up my time, but I will always have a special place in my heart for art. It’s unfortunate that I’m kind of in a negative feedback loop, where my frustrations at not being good at art makes me stop drawing, which ensures that I will still not be good at art. I’ll need to eventually break that loop so that I can become a better artist and truly enjoy drawing.

Pencil on paper

I definitely believe that if you put effort into a skill you will improve. I have probably put around 100 hours into drawing, and if I put more time into it I definitely think I would improve. If I put out 1000 hours I think anyone would definitely improve. If you put 1000 hours into something and don’t improve at all I think something must be wrong. For me, it’s difficult to practice art though, since I have a very large disconnect from what I imagine and what I can actually draw. This usually frustrates me, and while I know I need to put more time into drawing, it makes it harder to do so and see my own progress.

Coffee Bean Frap
Pencil on Paper

My major is Kinesiology. I was always thinking that art would be a lot of fun in my major because then I could draw the human body, bones, and musculature. Drawing people would be a very interesting tool to help me memorize and learn parts of the human body. I always thought that this would be a great idea, but I am also hit with the issue that I am terrible at drawing people! I’ve honestly been telling myself that I should practice art more, since I do love art, but it’s very difficult for me since I spend most of my time studying to ensure that I can keep up good grades.

Tree #1
Pencil on Paper
Tree #2
Pencil on Paper

B6 – Art Experience – Vlogging

Vlog Experience

In this video I was going for a simple introduction into my website. The video should tell a little bit about me and what I want. I wanted it to be short and sweet so that it would keep a persons attention. I know I’m not the best when it comes to videos and I definitely do not have a great space for recording in my home so I wanted it to be as painless as possible for myself to record and for people to listen to.

It took a few tries but I did get a video that covered the topics that I wanted and didn’t sound too nervous. I said my name, what I do, and what I want. It is surprisingly difficult to remember what you want to say and feel comfortable when in front of a camera. It took a few tries for me to loosen up a bit and even then I definitely don’t have the same quality or confidence that I do in real life.

If I were to do something differently next time, I would probably try to figure out a way to make the transition into the beginning and end of the video more fluid. I was pretty nervous which caused me to jump into the lines and quickly try to close the video when I finished. I’d should have probably paused before and after I was done to make it seem more natural.

I personally don’t think vlogging is for me. I’ve actually kind of made it a point to stay off the internet as much as possible. I don’t have any social media accounts and I don’t think I’m going to be the next hit vlogger in town so I think I’ll just quit while I’m ahead. It might be good to practice speaking in front of a camera more often so that I can get comfortable doing so, but in the end, I think I’d rather talk to people in person instead.

B5 – Art Experience – Spray painting

Spray Paint Bubble Letters

Spray painting was a very new experience to me. I’ve spray painted things flat colors before but I’ve never tried to paint shapes or my name with spray paint. It took several tries to actually get my name to look decent. It was very difficult for me to control the thickness of the paint and how the paint came out of the bottle. This is most likely because of my inexperience as a spray painter, but could also have been the age of the bottles, since I used spray paint bottles that were lying around in my garage.

I’d say that this is one of the harder projects that I’ve done for my art class. It wasn’t a very long or intricate project but it was very difficult for me to get the paint to do what I wanted it to do. Often the paint would come out too thick or I would spray a large wet blob onto the surface of the wood. Eventually I did finally paint my name in bubble letters and got a finish product that I was happy with.

Looking at my painting now, I think it’s a good thing I didn’t go to Venice beach to try and paint over someone else’s work. I’d definitely say that my painting is not the most visually appealing piece of art around. It was a good experience to try working with a brand new medium, but it’s probably not something that I will be doing more of, just because it requires a lot of space from what I have experience and paint cans are more expensive than pencils and paper.

Even with all the difficulties, I’d say that I had fun painting this. It was a bit of a hassle to attempt to write my name then have to wait twenty to thirty minutes for the paint to dry when I messed up. Aside from the waiting, painting on the board was fun and I definitely started to improve with my ability to handle the paint by the end of the experience. In hindsight I probably should have gotten a larger piece of wood, or maybe wrote my name in smaller letters.