C1 – Art Experience – Art and (My) Life

Owl (2016)

A life lesson that I learned from this semester in Art 110, is that people like to talk about what they create. Creating things with your own hands, putting meaning into a piece and seeing your effort come to fruition is something that you want to share with other people, and when someone asks you about it, when someone takes interest in your work, it’s a good feeling that is hard to express.

When talking to the SOA Artists, they all had a lot to say about their works, and always seemed to enjoy talking about the art that they created. I had a similar experience when I was creating art with my friends and with other classmates during the semester. Art is a good topic for conversation, and everyone seemed to enjoy sharing the creations that they made. Creating art this semester was a great experience and it gave me something to do with my hands that I otherwise would have not done. I was able to communicate with more of my peers and make some new friends due to the connections that art had created for me.

All of this helped shape my understanding of art to be refined. Art is an expression of one’s own thoughts or emotions. For instance, abstract work can be thought driven or it can be an explosion of emotions, used to fuel a piece with unique meaning. Art doesn’t necessarily have to be some grandiose piece of work that is beautiful and realistic, it can be almost anything that someone makes with meaning behind it. Every piece has structures that define it. Shapes, colors, lines, rough, smooth, different combinations of different aspects of art make every piece unique and interesting.

These aspects of creativity, aesthetics and expression are not likely to help me too much in the field of work that I’ve chosen, physical therapy, but I can still take what I learned from this class to help me better interact with my patients. A modification of design thinking could be used to create a plan for a patients recovery, but honestly, physical therapist already create plans and goals for patients by other means. A creative and different approach may be useful when treating children, because making exercise into a game could make it more likely that the children will continue their therapy at home and recover at a steady rate.

I think that the important lesson that I learned from class will help me more when it comes to make patients more comfortable while in therapy. Ask questions, show interest in what they do, be pleasant and care. Part of what is important about recovery to me, is to ease suffering and make the experience as pleasant as possible. If the time spent at the physical therapy clinic can make you feel more welcomed and enjoy yourself, then it could make recovering from an ill experience easier.

Overall, this semester of Art 110 allowed me to relax and take my time to simply enjoy something, rather than constantly experience the rush of college life. I was able to enjoy speaking with interesting people, learning about new things that I never really thought about before, and learning a life lesson that I believe will be useful to me in the long run. This class was enjoyable to me for the most part, and the art projects were a good way to connection with fellow students and my make new friends. Art will never be my career, but I am definitely going to keep it around as a hobby. It’s too much fun to simply not do.

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