B8 – Art Experience – Environmental portrait


In this picture I was trying to take a picture that captured my working environment. I spend the vast majority of my days studying and taking notes so I wanted to express that in this picture. For the field that I’ve chosen, physical therapy, it’s important to have dedication and diligence. I took the picture with several of my notebooks, books, and my writing utensil on my desk to show what I usually do and how I usually work.

I think I was successful at capturing my work environment in this picture. The picture doesn’t look too hectic and I think it’s fairly easy to see what I was trying to show in the picture. I wanted to express that I am a student who is studying and I think the picture shows this well.

If I was to change things, next time I take an environmental picture I would do it during a time when I am volunteering at a physical therapy department. I am currently not in the any volunteering opportunities so I don’t feel comfortable going into a random clinic to just take a picture, but I think it would look nicer on my website if I were to take a picture inside of a physical therapy clinic as an aspiring physical therapist.

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