B7 – Art Experience – Drinking and Drawing

Sitting on your foot
Pencil on paper

Doing these 6 sketches was pretty fun for me. I was able to sit with my friends and just draw and enjoy my time with them. Most of us drew each other and I drew one of them. It was enjoyable to compare our drawings and have a laugh while we worked on the sketches. I’ve personally always enjoyed drawings, though sometimes it’s pretty frustrating because I am not very good at it.

Blind contour
Pencil on paper

I will definitely be drawing again somewhere down the line in my life. I unfortunately take long breaks between my pursuit of art due to frustrations and other things (studying) taking up my time, but I will always have a special place in my heart for art. It’s unfortunate that I’m kind of in a negative feedback loop, where my frustrations at not being good at art makes me stop drawing, which ensures that I will still not be good at art. I’ll need to eventually break that loop so that I can become a better artist and truly enjoy drawing.

Pencil on paper

I definitely believe that if you put effort into a skill you will improve. I have probably put around 100 hours into drawing, and if I put more time into it I definitely think I would improve. If I put out 1000 hours I think anyone would definitely improve. If you put 1000 hours into something and don’t improve at all I think something must be wrong. For me, it’s difficult to practice art though, since I have a very large disconnect from what I imagine and what I can actually draw. This usually frustrates me, and while I know I need to put more time into drawing, it makes it harder to do so and see my own progress.

Coffee Bean Frap
Pencil on Paper

My major is Kinesiology. I was always thinking that art would be a lot of fun in my major because then I could draw the human body, bones, and musculature. Drawing people would be a very interesting tool to help me memorize and learn parts of the human body. I always thought that this would be a great idea, but I am also hit with the issue that I am terrible at drawing people! I’ve honestly been telling myself that I should practice art more, since I do love art, but it’s very difficult for me since I spend most of my time studying to ensure that I can keep up good grades.

Tree #1
Pencil on Paper
Tree #2
Pencil on Paper

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