B5 – Art Experience – Spray painting

Spray Paint Bubble Letters

Spray painting was a very new experience to me. I’ve spray painted things flat colors before but I’ve never tried to paint shapes or my name with spray paint. It took several tries to actually get my name to look decent. It was very difficult for me to control the thickness of the paint and how the paint came out of the bottle. This is most likely because of my inexperience as a spray painter, but could also have been the age of the bottles, since I used spray paint bottles that were lying around in my garage.

I’d say that this is one of the harder projects that I’ve done for my art class. It wasn’t a very long or intricate project but it was very difficult for me to get the paint to do what I wanted it to do. Often the paint would come out too thick or I would spray a large wet blob onto the surface of the wood. Eventually I did finally paint my name in bubble letters and got a finish product that I was happy with.

Looking at my painting now, I think it’s a good thing I didn’t go to Venice beach to try and paint over someone else’s work. I’d definitely say that my painting is not the most visually appealing piece of art around. It was a good experience to try working with a brand new medium, but it’s probably not something that I will be doing more of, just because it requires a lot of space from what I have experience and paint cans are more expensive than pencils and paper.

Even with all the difficulties, I’d say that I had fun painting this. It was a bit of a hassle to attempt to write my name then have to wait twenty to thirty minutes for the paint to dry when I messed up. Aside from the waiting, painting on the board was fun and I definitely started to improve with my ability to handle the paint by the end of the experience. In hindsight I probably should have gotten a larger piece of wood, or maybe wrote my name in smaller letters.

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