B3 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

Davar Yafeh
Crayola finger paint

Finger painting was an interesting experience. I’ve painted with brushes and spray paint in the past, but there is something more intimate when you have the paint on your fingers. At first I was expecting to be able to actually paint, just make whatever comes to mind, but I found out quickly that fingerprint wasn’t exactly the most precise medium. This may have been because of the paper I chose, or the really cheap Crayola finger paint I bought.

Finger painting was definitely not difficult. It was actually kind of fun to just put my fingers into the paint and then just throw my hands onto the paper and see what came out of it. The painting was very different than what I was expecting though. I expected my fingers and the paint to glide across the paper, but instead I would have to dip my fingers in the paint after about an inch or two of line. I ended up making lots of small dragging motions of varying strength to get the finished product.

The finished product definitely has no subject as it almost felt like I was randomly smashing my fingers against my paper to get color on it. That’s not to say I didn’t try, in fact, not having a subject made it more enjoyable for me because I could just let my hands move the way they wanted to. The confusion I felt at the beginning when I was actively trying to make something faded into enjoyment and relaxation as I just let myself put paint where I felt it was necessary. I feel like finger painting would be something fun that I could do again to just pass the time on a stressful day.

Many of the paintings I’ve seen do not look like the one I’ve created. The paintings that likely look the most like mine are paintings where the artist just splattered or flicked paint onto the canvas. I truthfully don’t think very highly of my own painting when compared to other abstract artist who have done something similar. It was an enjoyable piece to make, but I don’t think it’s amazing, beautiful or insightful like other abstract pieces that I’ve seen and enjoyed.


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